Energy Work

Energy work involves working with subtle energy, or energy fields, that are part of all living things.

People who are sensitive to this energy call themselves healers. They can see, feel or ‘hear’ this energy and work intuitively to bring about balance and harmony.

A kinesiologist uses muscle testing to assesses all aspects of the person, including subtle energy, and to determine the most effective treatment. Kinesiology aims to bring all these aspects into balance and harmony, .

In counselling and psychotherapy sessions your energy changes as a result of a changes in what you are thinking and feeling.

Spontaneous healing can happen in any therapy session.

Self-healing can be learned and used very effectively to achieve inner balance and harmony.

Everyone can benefit from healing irrespective of age and state of health.

Maggie La Tourelle is an energy therapist and is a member of The Association for Therapeutic Healers, ATH. She is a holistic therapist who uses many therapy modalities in which healing can and does occur.  She has been working in this field since the early 1980s.