Holistic Practice

Maggie La Tourelle has a unique holistic health practice that can take care of all aspects of your being: mind, body and sprit (energy). All these parts are interconnected, each having an effect on the other. Maggie’s holistic training enables her to work with all these parts, assess, balance and integrate them. This is done through counselling, psychotherapy, NLP, kinesiology and energy work.

These therapies may be used individually, or in combination, providing flexibility to respond to your individual needs at the time. Taking this holistic approach enables us to discover connections between symptoms you might be experiencing, and factors such as lifestyle, beliefs, behaviour, the environment and diet.

Maggie is committed to empowering you through active participation in your own process, and this often involves learning new, fun ways to help yourself. Through this you gain a greater sense of well-being, live your life more creatively and move towards realising your fullest potential.

Maggie La Tourelle is a holistic therapist, counsellor, psychotherapist, NLP master practitioner, kinesiologist and energy therapist. She has been working in the field since the early 1980s.