Kinesiology is a unique system of natural health care that uses manual muscle testing to communicate directly with your body / mind system. It is truly holistic, addressing and balancing all aspects: structural, mental / emotional and chemical / nutritional, all of which are interconnected through energy. It is used as an assessment tool to identify stresses and to ascertain what will restore balance, and is intrinsically linked to the acupuncture system, making it an energy therapy.

A kinesiologist can, with precision, uncover stresses of any kind, find the underlying cause and address this. Bringing your whole system back into balance and harmony optimises your self-healing process.

Treatments can involve massage on specific points, light touch, emotional balancing, nutrition and energy balancing and specific movements (this is done fully clothed). These treatments have an instant effect and can:

• increase your energy and vitality 
• prevent illness
 • relieve physical pain and tension 
• improve your posture 
• release emotional stress
 • identify allergies and nutritional needs 
• enhance your brain function

Everyone can benefit: babies, the elderly, athletes, performers, the fit, the injured, the unwell, dyslexics etc. When someone cannot be muscle tested a “surrogate” may be used. Many people have kinesiology regularly as part of their health and fitness programme.

Maggie La Tourelle has been practicing and teaching kinesiology since the 1980s, is an honorary member of The Kinesiology Federation, (KF) and The Kinesiology Association (KA) and is author of the classic book, Principles of Kinesiology. She is also a counsellor, psychotherapist, NLP master practitioner and energy therapist.